Hi!  I’m Marie.  I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how I started on this adventure.  

I am an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  For more information, please review my disclaimer.

I have a son who struggles with reading.  In an effort to keep him learning to read, we read a lot of books.  I read books to him.  We read books together.  He reads books to me.  We even use flash cards and make up funny sentences.  With all of this reading going on, I am constantly on the look out for more books that he will WANT to read.  

During his Kindergarten year, he found a book in the library that he loved.  When he would get it from the library, I would have to read it to him every night.  We would send it back to the library at the end of the week, but he kept bringing it home.  We must have had it more than half a dozen times that year.  

One day, the mom of one of his classmates invited me to an Usborne Books and More Facebook party.  Once she told me it was children’s books, I happily accepted the invitation.  (There are two things I always say that I can never have enough for him: books and toothbrushes!  If he ever ask for a book or toothbrush, they are coming home with us!)

Once I was in the group, I started looking around the website.  That’s when I found it!!! They had the book that my son had brought home from school all those times!!!!  I was so excited! We were going to add the book to our forever library, and other kids were going to be able to get the book from library again!!!  So, I filled up my cart with books and placed my order.

It wasn’t long before I had this little feeling.  I wanted more books!! I asked about how I could more books.  Could I only purchase them at parties?  What kind of specials do they have? Can I buy books whenever I want?  The Consultant who ran the party was very nice and helpful.  She answered all of my questions.  She asked me if I had thought about becoming a consultant.  I told her I’m not into direct sales.  I’m not really a sales person.  Nothing wrong with people who are; it’s just not me.  For some reason, I still couldn’t shake the feeling, though.  

I decided I would become a consultant.  I wanted the discount so that I could stock my library with amazing books!  I want to share my love of books!  I think they are great!  It is hard to control my enthusiasm of these books.  With a son who struggles to read, it is crucial to have great books!!! These fit the bill!  We love to read them.  I’m still not into sales.  I’m more interested in sharing my enthusiasm and my discount with you!!!!

Depending on how many books you want, you can:

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