Nibbles is a precious book by Emma Yarlett.  My son loved it so much that he checked it out from his school library before I even knew about Usborne Books and More.  Nibbles is the reason I bought my first Usborne book, so you could say he’s the reason for all of this.

I am an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  For more information, please review my disclaimer.

Nibbles is a book about a little monster named (you guessed it) Nibbles!  As the book starts, you let Nibbles out.  And he is HUNGRY!  He starts eating several things, and then we learn his favorite thing to eat is books.  Nibbles eats his way into classic stories, he messes them up, and then he eats his way out!!!  Near the end of the book, you catch Nibbles, but then you see some noises.  You open the crate just to see that Nibbles ate his way out of the book!!!

The book has pages that look like there is a book inside the book.  It has cut outs where it looks like Nibbles chewed through the pages.  It is so well made!  The illustrations are so endearing.  The book does not disappoint!
If you have a little one who likes silly books, you have to consider Nibbles!!! He was our introduction into Usborne, and the reason I became an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  You can buy Nibbles here.

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