Whether you are considering what books you might like to have on a wishlist for your toddler or you are shopping for a toddler’s presentthat you are going to attend, let me share with you my favorite books or book types for you to consider.

I am an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  For more information, please review my disclaimer.

All Better

Have a little one that you are looking to have interact with their books?  A couple of our best selling books are All Better and Little Bear Needs Glasses!  Both books are board books with thick, slick pages. The graphics are adorable, and they both have wonderful repositionable stickers.  All Better is a book about animals getting boo boos, and the book has pretend band aids to put on their boo boos. Little Bear Needs Glasses has repositionable glasses for the animals.

Books with wheels

Have a little one who loves to move tracks and cars around?  Books that your little kids can interact with can help hold their attention.  Books with wheels helps engage little readers, and it helps their imagination at work.  Imagine how much you little would enjoy hearing about things that move in a book with wheels!

Noisy books

Noisy books are a great way to help engage your little one.  The noises help stimulate them. They offer a wonderful way for your little one to work on recognizing and repeating sounds.

Big Book

Have little one who learn to love lots of things?  Usborne has big books of different things. These big books help show little ones lots of examples of things.  

Lift the Flap Question and Answer

Have a little one who ask lots of questions?  The Lift the Flap Question and Answer books answer lots of questions.  These are some of the best sellers. Personally, What is Poop? is not just a favorite in our house, but we have bought it as a gift many times!

Muddle and Match

The Muddle and Match series is a well-loved, unique series.  There are several images in the book that are broken up into 3 sections.  Each section has some verbiage that uses an alliteration, meaning the same letter or sounds starts many of the words for that character.  This allows your little one to mix and match the photos and text. This helps make the books engaging and silly while helping your little working on their letter sounds.

Pull tab

We have a new series of books where you pull a piece of the book in and out to make an animal open and close their mouth.  They are too cute! They are sturdy board books with nice contrast illustrations. The pages are glossy. The pull action is more fun than I anticipated.  Even my 7 year old enjoys doing it!

Critical Thinking books

We have a couple series of books that help develop critical thinking in your little ones.  These encourage conversation as well. The Who’s series ask your little one questions where they will be identifying who, for example, will fall asleep next.  The Colorful World series will be asking for questions, for example, which one is different than the other. These books and your conversation will encourage them to talk to you about the book, identify differences, and make hypotheses.  

How to

The How To series is a relatable and engaging way to talk to your kids about their daily habits.  The fun characters and delightful illustrations help you showcase the importance of these daily task and how to perform them.

Want them all?  There is a set of the How To… books just for you!

My First Word Book

Have a little one that is working on their vocabulary building?  These My First Word Books have tons of vocabulary words coupled with illustrations to help build their little vocabulary.  We have them for a variety of topics, and we have them in multiple languages. These are great to build and reinforce their vocabulary.  

Depending on how many books you want, you can:

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