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Whether you are considering what books you might like to have on your little one’s baby registry or you are shopping for a baby shower that you are going to attend, let me share with you my favorite books or book types for you to consider.

That’s Not My…

The That’s Not My… series are touch and feel books with a look and find image.  The books have beautifully drawn illustrations on thick high gloss pages. Each page spread has a different sensory experience and a little mouse for your little one to look for.  With over 30 different titles in this series, it is hard to pick just one. With all of the choices, you will definitely be able to find a couple that are perfect for your little one.  

Wishing you could get a bunch of them?  That’s Not My Zoo features That’s Not My Lion, Meerkat, Panda, Monkey and Elephant.  

In the That’s Not My… series, there is a That’s Not My Height Chart and Book.   While this book is not a touch and feel book. This features a laminated height chart and a book that is all about the heights of different animals.  

That’s Not My Zebra’s Colors is a little different than the traditional That’s Not My… books.  Instead of the traditional touch and feel books, this books is focused on colors. You can turn the pages to experience the Zebra wishing it wasn’t just black and white and walk through animals of different colors.

Fold Out Books

Usborne Books and More has a unique style of books for babies.  These books fold out and and can sit up on the floor. They are perfect for babies during tummy time!  They have one side that is black and white and one side is in color. I wish they had books like these when my little guy was doing tummy time.  

Are you there…

The books in the Are you there… series are designed for little fingers.  These high gloss board books have finger trails and cut out which are perfect for little fingers to explore.  

Hush a Bye

The Hush a Buy books are cloth books that offer sweet touch and feel fabrics.  The rhyming text is endearing. These books are perfect for exploring fingers to hold.  

Cuddle Bear

Cuddle Bear is a sweet board book for your cute and cuddly little one.  You can get the book in some super cute gift sets. My personal baby shower gift of choice the Cuddle Bear Board Book and Snuggler.  My son loved the little blankets when he was little, so he always loves giving little blankets. The board book has nice, thick, glossy pages.  

Hello, Baby!

Hello, Baby! books are cloth books, so they are soft to the touch.  Plus, they have a handle to chew on! The handle even has a little rattle.  These books have simple text and colorful illustrations.

Want to have all four?!?! You are in luck!! They can also come as a set.

Tiny Board Books

Usborne Books and More has several sets of tiny board books that are perfect for tiny hands to hold.  These books will give your little one a chance to hold the board books to model the behaviors of a reader.  How cute is it to see a baby holding a book designed for their tiny hands!!

Night, Night on the Farm

Night, Night on the Farm is a cute board book with little storybooks hidden in each page.  This sweet little books is like 5 books in one. There is the story of the books as you watching the animals go to bed on the farm, and there are the 4 hidden mini books.  

Pull the tab books

There are several titles that utilize a pull tab action.  These books are sturdy, glossy board books. They are filled with colorful animal characters.  Within the books, there is a page where you can pull the tab to open an animal’s mouth. It is quite engaging!  

Baby’s Very First Stroller Books

These boards books are are high gloss with bright colors.  They have holes and finger trails. They also have an electric strap designed to be attached to a stroller or baby gym.  These are awesome for on the go entertainment.

I hope that you have found this guide helpful if you are looking for books for babies!  I am always happy to help be your personal shopper.  If you are looking for something special, please let me know!

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