I am an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  For more information, please review my disclaimer.

Each week, I will be showcasing an Usborne Books and More book.  These could include Usborne or Kane Miller books.  As we showcase these books, we will be calling them our Books of the Week.  Please join us on our book journey.

Our book of the week is one of our best sellers. Every party I have held so far has had at least one person purchase All Better.

All Better is a sweet book that helps to teach little ones empathy and how to handle boo boos. It is simply written and very engaging.

One of the best parts of the book is it’s reusable bandaid like sticker. The book comes with 5, and they each have a picture of one of the characters in the book. The book is great to have on the go so your little one can be entertained fixing boo boos.

It is easy to see why people love this book. I have gotten this books for a couple of my nephews for their birthdays, and their families have been loving this book!!! You should check it out at https://n7186.myubam.com/p/4503/all-better!!!


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