If you have read about me and my love of Usborne Books, then you know it all started with Nibbles!  To read more about Nibbles, the book eating monster, check out my post on Nibbles.
Since Nibbles is a book eating monster, my son and I wanted to make a Nibbles book eating bookmark!  How fun is he?!?!?
So, I’m going to show you how you and your little can make this awesome bookmark!!!

I am an Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant.  For more information, please review my disclaimer.

First, you need the following supplies:
1 piece of yellow card stock paper
1 black marker
1 piece of white card stock paper
1 glue stick (or other preferred form of adhesive


After you’ve collected the supplies, you will want to cut the yellow piece of paper into a square if it isn’t a square already.  Personally, I used an 8.5 x 11, I folded it to make a square, and then I cut it down to size.

Then you will fold the yellow square in half.


After that, you will fold the yellow paper so that the corners meet and the paper now makes a square again.


You will open the paper up from the previous folds.  Then, you will take the top flap where the corners just met and fold it up so that the corner now meets the other side of the paper.


Now, you will take one of the corners and fold it over and under the fold you just made.


Then, you take the other corner and do the same.  Be sure to tuck it up under there cleanly since that is where the page will go when you use the bookmark.


You will now cut out the eyes, teeth, and horns out of the white piece of paper.


Then, you will use your marker to color the mouth of the bookmark, color the eyes, and draw lines on the horns.


Now, it is time to use your glue stick and put it all together.

Could it be any cuter?!?!?  I think not!


Look at what you’ve made in action.  You have a bookmark on a book eating monster that looks like it is eating the page!

Go You, Super Mom!

Depending on how many books you want, you can:

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